Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I Am Thankful For

Every day I thank God for my family and friends, the food in my stomach, the clothes on my back, the roof over my head and my job. But at Thanksgiving I also think about those things that I am so thankful for but might take for granted. They include:

Pharmaceutical Drugs - Nope, not kidding. Anyone who deals with health issues know how important drugs are. I have to take pills (yes, plural) every day and without them I literarly would not be able to function.

Glasses/Contact Lens - They can be a pain and expensive but without them I'd be legally blind. I could function but it would be very difficult. I'm near-sighted which means I can't see things far away (far away being anything farther than four inches from my face). Standing at the bathroom counter, I can make out my toothbrush, the tube of toothpaste, the hair brush and the curling iron. But if you asked me what brand of toothpaste I use, I'd have to hold it right in front of my face. Life would really suck without glasses/contacts.

My Car - Yes, I'm still making payments on it but I would be lost without it. And I always expect it to be out there waiting for me (yes, one day it wasn't - stolen) and in working order (yes, I could do better with preventative maintenance).

Hot Showers - I don't like to be dirty so I take a shower every day. Even on the weekends, I can go until about noon and then I have to shower and wash my hair. Earlier this year I had surgery on my ear. I had stitches all behind my ear and was told I had to keep it dry for seven days. Seven days! There was no way in hell I could go seven days without washing my hair. Yes, I bought those products to dry wash your hair but they just aren't as good as the real thing. And washing my hair in the sink was going to provide too much of a challenge. So I devised a contraption using gauze, rubber bands and these plastic wraps with elastic already in them that normally go over the tops of bowls to cover my ear. That's how far I'll go to wash my hair (and I kept those stitches dry).

Washer/Dryer - I don't own either of these so even though I have to schelp my basket of dirty laundry to the laundromat (or if I'm lucky, someone's house), I can't even image hand washing clothes.

My Bed - This is the most favorite piece of furniture that I own. Just last year I got my first big girl bed (bigger than a twin - whole other story) complete with a great headboard and comforter set. It's next to a window and my most favorite thing to do in the whole world is to lie on my bed under a blanket, next to the open window with a lovely breeze coming through and read a book. Best thing ever! And speaking of books...

Public Libraries - Think about this for a moment. You give them your name, address and phone number and in return they give you a little plastic card that allows you to take home books, DVDs, and CDs for FREE and all you do is have to return them in usually 1-3 weeks. How cool is that? That is taxpayer money being put to good use.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Inside

I am a hot person (temperature wise, not in a sexy way) and I rarely get cold. I don’t typically drink hot beverages, don’t like tea or coffee but will occasional have a hot chocolate. I have only a sheet and a comforter on my bed, no blankets, and I sleep in a tank top and shorts year around.

But something has changed and I think I know what it is.

This is where I started working about six months ago:

I was rather excited about moving to this office space because it has windows. Now you may not think windows are such a big deal but when you spend years working at desk with no windows, no natural lighting, believe me, it makes a difference. But then I realized that while I can now just turn my head to glance outside and feel the sun on my face, these are really crappy windows. I have learned that they don’t keep out the heat of the summer and they are not keeping out the cold of winter.

Last week the high temperature was in the low 40s and by mid-morning my feet (with socks on and in a pair of work shoes) were as cold as ice. So cold that at lunch time I was compelled, compelled I say, to buy these:

They are not the prettiest pair of slippers (although they have rubber soles so are they technically slippers?) but I was looking for something warm and these are warm. And it’s all because of those darn windows. They don’t keep out the cold and now I’m going to spend the next several months wrapped in layers of clothing like never before. I’ve decided I will probably have to buy a fashionable wrap because I would not be caught dead in one of those awful Snuggies. I have a “work” cardigan but it’s hard to put on over a sweater.

And then it hit me. I come to work and take off my shoes for warmer ones and then put on a cardigan…. who does that reminder you of? Hint: It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood… Yes, I’ve turned into a reverse Mr. Rodgers!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Not Easy Being a Blogger

For me, writing a blog isn’t as easy as you’d think. Coming up with topics can be hard. I know other bloggers will write about anything and everything but there are some topics I have decided to stay away from. Not because I don’t want to address these issues, share my views or piss people off. It’s just too easy. So here are some topics I don’t ever plan on blogging about (but never say never) and maybe just a little bit of my insight on them:

1. Politics. Let me just say that anyone who can’t finish a four-year term as governor is not qualified to be President of the United States (notice I bolded anyone). And now I don’t have to think about moving to Canada.

2. Religion. Nine cities (including Denver) have seen TV ads sharing the Mormon faith. (See They claim these ads are trying to explain the Mormon faith but, as the article states, Republican Mitt Romney from Massachusetts is contemplating running for the Presidency and guess what? He’s Mormon. So these ads aren’t really about religion but politics.

3. Totally stupid reality television shows or people who are on totally stupid reality television shows. How can you not think that Kim Kardashian isn’t a total narcissus and her wedding and divorce are just about publicity? And Jersey Shore has had its 15 minutes of fame. Please, let’s move on. Better yet, read a book.

4. Myself or my family. I am not going to share everything about myself on this blog. Yes, I will make fun of myself (or my mother) on occasion but some things are going to be kept private. I don’t feel the need to Twitter every step I take, every move I make (can I use that phrase with paying royalties?) so don’t expect a tell-all here.

So if you’ve been reading, thanks and please keep reading. You never know, one day something might just push me off the edge and I’ll write a scathing blog about one of the above topics. But until then, hope you enjoy!