Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer is a Bummer

Of all the four season I dislike summer the most (which doesn’t even start until June 21). I know most people disagree with me but I can totally justify it. Here are my top 10 reasons why I dislike summer:

1. Vacation. Summer is for kids and adults who work in education. I don’t know any other profession that gives you something like 10 weeks off every year. It’s totally unfair.

2. It’s hot. I don’t do hot. It probably has something to do with the fact that when I’m in the sun I burn. My sister tans and she knows I’m jealous. And too hot for me is anything about 70 degrees. And summer nights rarely get that cool.

3. Air conditioning. I have a love/hate relationship with the a/c. I thank God every summer that we have it (I would not survive summer without it) but I would prefer cool breezes from outside than air that comes out of a machine.

4. Hot cars. It totally sucks to get off work and have to drive home in a really, really hot car.

5. Public pools. Yes, they sound great but really, I don’t want to be around all those other people and, sorry parents, all those screaming kids (And what’s the deal with kids screaming all the time now for no reason?).

6. Sleep. I don’t sleep as well in the summer as I do the rest of the year. Mainly because of #2. I like a cold room and am too cheap to crank up the a/c to a level I really, really like (again, best scenario is sleeping next to an open window with a cool breeze coming in).

7. Cooking. Nobody wants to turn on the oven in the summer. Yes, I know a lot of people grill but not everyone has (or can have) a grill. So it’s stovetop or microwave meals for three months. Yuck!

8. Geography. I live in Colorado. We don’t really have lakes (they are called lakes but are more like ponds or small reservoirs). Summer to me means large bodies of water in which to swim in or sit by. If you haven’t looked at a map recently, Colorado is far away from any ocean.

9. Clothing. Summer clothes suck, especially if you have to spend five out of seven days in an office with a dress code. If you have a part of your body that you hate (and women, who of us don’t?) it probably something you want covered and in the summer that means you are hot.

10. Television. Reruns and reality shows. Another yuck!